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Domestic Violence
in the Workplace


Hostile Clients


Workplace Violence 101







Employers for Violence Prevention About Us Blog

Our Services

Program Development

        Audit of previous incidents
        Review of policies and work procedures
        An employee survey and focus groups

Policy and Program Development
Threat Assessment Team

        Workplace Violence Coordinator
        Identify key members of threat assessment team
        Training on Threat Assessment

Personnel Policy and Procedures
        Definitions and parameters
        Legal liability
        Prohibited actions and sanctions
        Support and protections for employees
        Dissemination of policy
        Development of a reporting system
        Threat assessment procedures

Crisis Management
        Care for employees
        Public relations and media management

1/2 day - Full day

Front-line Employee

Workplace Violence Basics
Prevalence and statistics

Government regulations

Employment law and

Workplace Violence   typology 

Reporting process (and why employees donít report)
Threat Assessment

Threats addressed

Hiring practices
Warning signs of  potentially violent employees
Disciplinary actions and employee relations

Domestic Violence
 Why it is a workplace issue
Identifying potential victims employees, approaching appropriately and offering effective support
Community resources
Abuser employees

Hostile and Abusive Clients/Customers
Creating a safe environment, free of hazards
De-escalation Triangle Principles TM


Presentations and Workshops

We have delivered presentations, conducted workshops and
offered seminars for organizations such as:

Society of Human Resource Managers NC Emergency Management Association Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
North Carolina Public Health Alliance for Prevention of Violence Against Women North Carolina Coalition of Occupational Safety and Health North Carolina Workforce Development Institute
Buncombe County
Department of Social Services
National Association of Social Workers Blue Ridge Community College
American Association of Occupational Health Nurses North Carolina Coalition of Occupational Safety and Health Mid-State Safety Council
NC Chapter of the National Safety Council North Carolina Conference of Adult Educator Association NC Industrial Commission