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Workplace Violence Cases

9/2 Sagamihara, Japan
Bar Patron Stalks then Slashes Waitress

Koji Nojima, 40, an unemployed man, was arrested for attempting to murder a waitress of a local bar. At around 9:53 p.m., the 33-year-old woman had just arrived at the bar when Nojima ambushed her, pushing her down and slashing her neck with a knife. Eyewitnesses alerted the police who arrested Nojima at the scene. The victim suffered slight slash wounds.
Nojima began drinking at the bar last year. After she rejected his advances, he continued to stalked her and sending e-mails to her mobile phone. Last March, the woman consulted local police over his stalking behavior. The police then instructed Nojima in May to leave the woman alone which stopped the visits to the bar and e-mails.

8/22 Orfordville, WI
Man Confronts Supervisor with Shotgun

Curtis P. Clint, 36, was charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide after he confronted a supervisor in the break room with a loaded shotgun. The supervisor grabbed the barrel while 3 other workers restrained and disarmed Clint. The shotgun muzzle had been outfitted with a plastic milk jug in what police think was a makeshift silencer. No shots were fired. Immediately after the incident, Clint told two fellow employees that he had trouble with the supervisor and was "going to end it." Clint was being evaluated to see if his mental state is a possible defense.

8/12 Loyalhanna PA
Wife of Man on Strike Threatens Temporary Workers

Lori Jo Gross was the wife of man who was on strike at Aero Diecasting. She allegedly followed three temporary workers who crossed the picket line from the plant till they stopped at an intersection. She then pointed a .380-caliber pistol at them and called them "scabs," police said the men told them. By tracking the liscence plate number, they found her and the pistol.  

8/10 Cleveland, OH
Ex-Employee Ram Cars in Company Lot with SUV

Anthony Harris, 45, was arrested after he assaulted co-workers and damaged property at the business he was just fired from earlier in the day. On an early Wednesday morning, he returned to Alkon Industries and attacked former co-workers. He then climbed into a Ford Excursion and rammed 17 vehicles in the company parking lot. He fled after hitting a man in the face with a rock and pushing another car off the road. He was later arrested in a nearby home.

8/2 Kalihi, HI
Man Hits, Stabs then Shoots Co-worker with Slingshot

A man allegedly stabbed a co-worker with a pair of scissors Tuesday as part of a series of attacks on the victim.
A 28 year old suspect got into an argument with his 24-year-old victim at about 2:45 p.m. It escalated till the suspect allegedly punched and the stabbed the victim in the face with a pair of scissors. other co-workers restrained the suspect till he was able to flee. He then later returned and shot the victim with a slingshot. He was arrested and released pending the trial.

7/28 Fresno, CA
Would-be Serial Killer Thwarted by Victim’s Resistance

Will Calcote, 21, crashed his vehicle and died while being pursued by California Highway Patrol officers. He had attempted to kidnap a 19-year-old waitress at a restaurant that he frequently visited. He waited till her shift ended at 11 pm and offered an opportunity in obtaining a modeling job. He asked her to come back to his placed to sign some papers. But once in the car, he turned violent, repeatedly using a tazer on her and threatening to kill her. The victim fought back and eventually jumped from the car while it was going at approximately 35 mph. Calcote stopped the car but as other vehicles stopped to assist he sped off. A witness came to help her and call law enforcement was notified. He was then later spotted and the chase ensued. In Calcote’s trunk, officers discovered a chilling array of tools: a video camera, ropes, duct tape, handcuffs, knives, a large ax, heavy-duty rubber gloves and large plastic garbage bags. A search of Calcote’s Fresno apartment turned up books and videos about famous serial killers, including a how-to for serial killing; it is unknown if he had previous victims.

7/27 Richland, WI
Co-Worker Kills Other, then Turns Himself In

Reuben A. Wipf, 21, was charged with the murder of Robert Hege, 19, which occurred at their job at A-1 Pallet. Alledgly, Wipf and Hege did not get along and after a meeting to discuss their problems, Wipf quit and walked out. He went to his home, retreived his shotgun and returned to kill Hege. Wipf then drove to the sheriff’s department and turn himself in. In a statement to authorities, Wipf stated that "the devil made him do it".

7/19 Baltimore, MD
Worker Returns 2 Months after Fired at Manufacturing Plant

Levi A. White arrived at the H.R. Nicholson Co. plant at approximately 7:40 PM two months after was fired for allegedly sabotaging a $400,000 piece of equipment. He entered with a shotgun and asked for his former supervisor, Dennis Wilson. He shot Wilson at close range and then went outside, sitting in her car and waiting for arriving officers. After being ordered to drop his weapon, he pointed the shotgun at officers who shot him multiple times. White later died at the hospital. Records show that he was recently charged with smashing Wilson’s windshield with a brick and is suspected with spray painting the same car several weeks ago. In April, Wilson had caught White with wire cutters after a $400,000 piece of equipment was sabotaged, resulting in White’s dismissal.

6/17 Opelika Alabama:
Bomb Threat to Day Care Center

In Opelika, Alabama, woman was charged with calling in a bomb threat to the day care center where she worked. Jessica Kay Thornton, 20, apparently used her cell phone while at work to call in the bomb threat to Miss Deanna’s Daycare. Thornton is reportedly to have said, "There’s a bomb in your building" before hanging up the phone. All children and employees were evacuated from the day care center while firefighters searched the building. Thornton’s motive for calling in the threat is unclear.

Ex-BGE employee returns to workplace firing gun shots

Miller, a 46-year-old, ex-Baltimore Gas and Electric Co, who worked with the company for 28 years returned to his place of employment and fired gun shots at the building. On Thursday afternoon around 5:30 p.m. Miller drove around to the back of the building where his supervisor Doreen Hartley, 40, has an office with a window. The supervisor saw him get out of a car with a weapon and ran for safety, and warned others. Miller fired shots through Hartley’s office window, and then shot his way inside the building. The shooter was found dead in the office from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the upper body. No one else was seriously injured, and the office appeared closed the following day.

June 14 Shreveport, LA
Robber Beaten by Beauty School Students

Jared Gipson, 24, entered the Blalock’s Beauty College and told the women there to lie down on the floor. After collecting their money, Gipson ran toward the front door when manager Dianne Mitchell tripped him. The robber dropped his gun and Abram Bishop, a male employee at the college, jumped on his back, pinning him down. The students, arming themselves with curling irons, chairs and a wooden table leg, assaulted Gipson to point where he needed medical attention. The gun, police learned later, was not loaded.
NOTE: While this case has a positive outcome, it is dangerous to resist a robbery or to prevent a robber from leaving, especially if they have a firearm. Just let them take the money and leave. It is simply just not worth your life.

June 9th Trenton, OH
Former Employee Rams Supervisor's Car at Train Crossing

Workplace violence does not always happen at work. James Martin was charged with felonious asault and vandalism when he rammed his former supervisor, Harold Smith and then threatened him with a bat. Martin used to work at the Blankenship Masonry when he quit a few weeks ago. Recently, he contacted Smith to be re-hired but was denied. It was several days later when Smith was waiting in his car while a train was crossing when Martin made his assault. Several witnesses also waiting in the car came to assist as Martin held Smith by the throat and threatened to kill him. Arriving officers later found Martin at a near by gas station, talking on a payphone. He then turned himself in.

May 31 Henderson, TX
Two Men Kill Co-Worker

Delfino Martinez, 35 and Noel Guevera Martinez, 30, are both suspects in the murder of Juan Carlos Garza, 20, during a dinner break at Townley Lumber Co. The incident occurred shortly after 9 p.m. when the two suspects reportedly returned from a parking lot and fired at co-worker Garza with a 9-millimeter handgun. Garza was shot twice in the head. Brown said both suspects are believed to have participated in the shooting, which occurred All three were working the night shift at the mill and the shooting was allegedly the result of an argument that began over the weekend.

May 9 San Fransico, CA
Ex-Social Worker Returns to Kill Former Colleague

Gregory Gray, 54, fatally shot Bruce Franks, a 49, at the Conard Community Service Center. He is also accused of assaulting senior case manager Kalifa Coulibaly, who police said tried to wrestle the weapon out of Gray's hands. Gray was fired from his job at the center back in September. On a Monday morning, we walked in just before 9 a.m. carrying a handgun, a shotgun and a hatchet and shot Franks in the chest and back. Homicide inspectors and Conard employees reportedly state that Franks, who did not supervise Gray, was not the intended target.
As Gray was wrestled to the ground by workers, a homeless man and client of the agency, picked up the dropped shotgun and ran away with it. Responding officers had to apprehend the thief while workers restrained Gray.

May 6 Franconia Township, PA
Two Employees Accidentally Shot when a Third Shows his Gun in Parking Lot

Two employees were injured and a third was in police custody after a handgun discharged twice while the men were looking at it. It was between noon and 1 p.m. when the three men had left their shift at the Moyer Packing Company. They went to one of the men’s cars so that he could show them his Ruger 9mm handgun. The gun went off twice and two of the men were injured. There is no suspicion that the act was intentional and noon of the injuries were life threatening.

May 6 Chatham, GA
Home Depot Employee Shoots Man who Chased him to Work

An incident occurred on a Friday night at the chain store's southeast distribution center in Chatham County. According to witnesses, the assailant chased the victim through the parking lot, shooting as he ran. As reported, Sean Pajotte , 35, was an employee of Home Deport and had been in an argument with ShaKim Brash, 38. Brash had threatened Pajotte and followed him to the company parking lot. That is when Pajotte pulled out his weapon and shot at Brash. However, police report that Brash was the aggressor and a weapon was allegedly found in his car.

May 5 Houston, TX
Attorney Kills Another in Office

Jackie Lee Duke, 52, was a contract attorney working for Cooper Cameron. At about 8:40 a.m., Duke was meeting with Michael Paul Hartmann, 54, the in-house attorney and Duke’s alleged supervisor. Both of them worked on patent related legal issues for the oil services company for the past several years. It was reported that Duke was being let go but it must not have been a surprise to him. He had left a suicide note at home and brought with him that morning two weapons, a .357-caliber revolver and a semiautomatic handgun. In a soft-sided briefcase, the gunman had also brought more ammunition. Duke shot and killed Hartmann and then committed suicide. Both shots were to the head.

April 22nd Jackson, MI
Man Shoots Co-Worker of Missing Tools Dispute

Eddie Mitchell, 51, allegedly murdered Clifton Patterson, 43, at the Anglin Tire Company. Mitchell reportedly shot Patterson three times during a dispute over missing tools, hitting him in the abdomen, left rear shoulder and in the back of the head. Mitchell had kept a handgun in one of his toolboxes.

April 20th Leominster, MA
Construction Company Owner Hits and Threatens Employees

Walter Fiore, 58, the president of Fiore Construction Co., Inc., was charged with assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, possession of a firearm without an identification card, disorderly person, and threatening to commit a crime by Milford police. He allegedly showed up at the work site at 9 a.m. and demanded to see someone who was not present. Frustrated, he allegedly hit a 65-year-old assistant supervisor and then brandished what appeared to be a handgun. The two were past business associates. He then went to another construction site and demanded to see the man he was seeking while waving a machete.

April 18th Benoni, South Africa
Business Owner Kills Two Workers and Injures Another

In case of an employer shooting his own employees, Tony Jones, 55, opened fire at MCE Engineering on Monday after a dispute over wage payments. He was arguing with 15 of his employees in the morning as they were demanding their full payment, only a portion of which did they receive. There was history of abusive practices such as when he set his 10 attack dogs on his workers last year. These dogs were constantly intimidating the workers through the workplace. In this last shooting, two workers were killed and one critically injured when he ordered them outside the gate and then came back with a gun, firing randomly at the workers. He was later found dead inside his office from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

April 14th Detroit, MI
Former Employee Shot by Stranger In Lobby of TV Station

A former employee comes to the workplace and a shooting occurs. But this incident has unique twist. John Owens, 53, was visiting the lobby of a TV station WDIV-TV when he was shot by a man who had apparently been harassing and assaulting company employees for the past year. At approximately 4:15 p.m., Owens was there to pick up a video tape when a unidentified man entered the lobby but was not given admittance to the building since the receptionist recognized him as someone who they have had problems with before. The man then shot Owens and fled. Authorities later apprehended a suspect. A spokesman of the station stated that although they regret that a former employee was hurt, the security systems that they had in place did their job. The suspect obviously came to the station to inflict harm but was identified (and recorded) on the CCTV system and not buzzed in to the building. In an American Society of Employers survey of 245 Detroit-area companies, 61 percent said they had a workplace violence policy in place in 2004, up from 41 percent in 2000.

Jury Finds Mother not Guilty of 1st Degree Murder of Rapist

A jury found the defendant Kimberly Cunningham, 33, not guilty of first degree murder when she went to the Alcoa, TN workplace of Coy Hundley, 39, and shot him in the parking lot. It was over a year and half ago when Cunningham discovered that Hudley had allegedly raped her 10 year old daughter. Hudley was also the girl’s uncle. The next day, Cunningham went to Slide Lock Tool Inc. where Hudley worked and shot him 8 times. The jury is still weighing to convict her of lesser charges.

4/2 Woodridge, NY
Workplace Stabbing From Co-Worker Dispute

Luis Garcia, 41, stabbed a fellow co-worker Melvin Kanalis, 33, at the Newburgh Egg Corp. The injury was to this abdomen and he had to be rushed to the hospital. The dispute occurred around noon as Kanalis asked Garcia to clean a piece of equipment. A argument ensued that ended in the stabbing with a box cutter. Garcia then fled after the incident but was later caught home.

March 28th Nottingham, UK
Healthcare Worker Kills Himself Over Despair from Work

Ken Wilson worked as an operating theatre practitioner at Queen’s Medical Centre where he encountered the frequent tragedy of young people dying from violence. His wife believes that he killed himself due to the despair at the loss of young people from violent crime, car crashes and illness. The father of two teenagers was found dead in a staff living quarters. On a notepad found in his bag he had written: "I’m not mad, just very tired and depressed." He took his own life by taking an overdose of anesthetics and muscle relaxant drugs used in the operating room.

3/23 Whitehall, OH –
Fired Employee Commits Suicide at Office

Reggie Edwards, 47, was fired from his salesman’s job for job performance issues at Safe Auto Insurance when he went out to his car and returned with a gun. He fired shots inside and then took the human resources administrator hostage. Law enforcement quickly arrived as he barricaded himself and his hostage at around 4:15 p.m. Negotiations were going well and the hostage was released at 10:45 p.m. Edwards then killed himself shortly afterwards. In 2000, he won the Salesman of the Year award.

3/23 Arlington, IL –
Man Takes Manager Hostage

Tylon Cole was an employee of Planned Plumbing when he entered a heated argument with two of his supervisors at around 5 a.m. He took out a handgun and fired into the air. When a manager told Cole to calm down, he shot a supervisor, who was lying on the floor, twice in the leg. He then ordered the manager to drive him to Elgin where he then fled. He was later apprehended by law enforcement. The manager was taken to the hospital for suffering from chest pains.

3/14/05- Frederick, MD
Water Treatment Plant Fires Guns at Work

Donald Lee Smith, 58, opened up fire at the Marcies' Choice Lane plant which treats wastewater. He brought a handgun and a rifle just after 8 p.m. and started to "shooting around" the plant. No one was injured and it appears that he was not aiming at anyone. Numerous officers responded and were able to convince him to surrender after 15 minutes of negotiations. He was sent to a hospital for a mental evaluation and was later released and arrested.

3/3 Beech Grove, IN
Hospital Manager put on Leave for Alleged Assault on Employee

David McRoberts, manager of catheterization labs at Francis Hospital and Health Centers, was put on leave after he was accused of assault on Bryan Taylor, a hospital technician. Reportedly, McRoberts "grabbed the front of Bryan's shirt with both hands and pushed Bryan backwards into a wall," Taylor also told police that McRoberts cursed at him and threatened to write him up. This allegedly happened in McRoberts' office at around 1:45 p.m. McRoberts claims that he never touched Taylor. McRobert’s attorney is claiming that Taylor is copying a similar recent lawsuit complaint in which St. Francis heart surgeon, Dr. Daniel H. Raess, was ordered to pay $325,000 to a former hospital employee for verbal assault in 2001.

3/3- Decatur, IL
Brother Stabs Worker to Death at Work

LaWarren Thomas stabbed his brother DiAngilos at LaWarren’s workplace. A physical confrontation occurred when his brother and others were visiting. They were punching each other when DiAngilos stopped and complained that he could not breath. Lifting up his shirt, they found blood on his chest. They drove him to the hospital and reported that he was attacked by four unknown men. LaWarren claimed that he was at work and did not know what happened. The stab wound was found to have penetrated the heart and the victim later died in the hospital. Later investigation discovered the truth of the incident.

3/2- Belleville, Ill.
Hairdresser and Two Elderly Clients Stabbed to Death

Michael Cooney, 62, was cutting the hair of two of his regular customers, two sisters Doris Fischer and Dorothy Bone when they were savagely attacked. A St. Louis man, Samuel Johnson, was charged with attempted burglary of Cooney's house 15 months ago but has not been charged with the murders. He is fighting extradition in Chicago and is a leading suspect in the homicides. It is unknown the relationship between Cooney and Johnson.

2/24 – Hoosick, NY
Co-Worker is Stabbed When Horse-play Goes to Far

Pedro Ortiz, an employee of WCW Inc., allegedly stabbed another employee after the two were "horsing around". Other co-workers state that the two were friends but that a scuffle just got out of hand. The victim allegedly threw an object at Ortiz who told him to stop it or else. A fight ensued when the offender stabbed the victim for times with a seam-ripper, a tool used at the mattress company. Co-workers quickly broke the fight up and the victim was sent to the hospital to tend to his wounds.

2/24 Los Angeles, CA-
City Worker Kills Supervisor and Co-Worker with AK-47

The shooting took place around 5 p.m. in the maintenance yard of the municipality’s maintenance yard. Allegedly, the supervisor reprimanded the assailant for coming to work late. Shot and killed his supervisor and other co-worker who was in the line of fire.
Then drove to the police station and turned himself in. The assault rifle was found in his car. The division had been working extremely hard in 12-hour shifts managing the damage of the heavy rains impacting the area.

2/21 Pascagoula, MS
Co-Worker Talks Shooter into Releasing Weapon

Alexander L. Lett, 41 wounded two supervisors at the Northrop Grumman Ship Systems shipyard around 6:20 a.m. There were about 30 other workers in the warehouse when Lett started firing a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol. One of the employees, Leo Coleman, was able to talk him into surrendering his weapon. He was later taken custody by Northrop security. Lett was apparently not satisfied with his work assignments where he was a quality assurance inspector for over 20 years. Co-workers stated that Lett had not received a vacation he planned and was possibly on the verge of being fired.

2/10 - Pittsburgh, PA
Navy Employee Beats Supervisor Unconscious

Roderick Adams, a civilian computer systems administrator for the Navy, was charged with assaulting Senior Master Chief Scott Ewen. Ewen, who was not the direct supervisor, was telling Adams to calm down after the Adams was yelling in the office. That is when he followed Ewens into his office, pushed him in the corner and repeatedly pummeled him till he was unconscious. Ewens suffered from a fractured cheekbone. Adams then fled on foot but was later arrested in him home.

2/2005 Curlew, Washington
Social Worker Attacked before Assailant Killed by Officer

A child Protection Service worker was severely injured after she was assaulted during a home visit. She had arrived with another CPS worker and a deputy to remove 3 children from the home. On a previous visit, the father, Bryan S. Russell, 35, had been warned that they children would be removed unless he improved the living conditions in their home. There was no electricity and no running water. The worker was assaulted with a 2X4 and then a machete. She suffered cuts, a broken arm and wrist and a possible skull fracture. A deputy was able to respond and shot the assailant, killing him at the scene. The three children, ages 1-5, witnessed the incident. The mother is also expecting another child shortly.
A 1994 survey Montana child-welfare workers, published in the journal Child Welfare, found that one in 10 had been hit on the job and a third of the workers had faced death threats. A quarter of the surveyed workers feared their own families could face job-related violence.

2/18 Taylor, MI - Fired Worker Wounds Supervisor, Kills Translator

Gustavo De-Jesus Vanegas, 31 was just fired from the International Paper Co. when he went out to his car and returned with a handgun at approximately 4:20 pm. He then confronted his supervisor in the hallway. . When a female co-worker tried to intervene, Vanegas shot and wounded the supervisor and then shot and killed the woman. She had just served as a translator for the fired worker during the termination meeting. The wounded supervisor and another worker tackled the assailant and held him till officers arrived. He alledgley was fired for poor performance issues.

2/9 Totawa, NJ-
Scientist Murdered by Co-Worker, Which One Being Investigated

A scientist, Geetha Angara, was found at the bottom of a water-filled shaft in early February but it was not an accident as the investigating law enforcement agency has ruled it a homicide. Further investigation has determined that it must have been a co-worker due to the restrictions in access to her workplace, however they have not named anyone as a suspect. Angara, a 43-year-old mother of three from Holmdel was either pushed or shoved into the underground container at the Passaic Valley Water Commission's water treatment plant. The access panel to the tank was in place when she was found, meaning someone replaced it after she went in. The 85 other employees have been interviewed and even had DNA samples taken but continue to work together.

2/7 Chesterfield, VA -
Gun Returned to Worker Who Fired at Boss

Elwood Lewis came to his workplace at Quality Building Products armed with a handgun. After arguing with his boss and other employees, he fired at his employer but missed. Two co-workers tackled him and removed the weapon from him. However, after promising to leave, the co-workers gave the gun back to him, first removing the shells. Lewis went out to his car and reloaded his weapon but was stopped by arriving officers. He fired at the police but did not injure anyone. He was talked into surrendering and no one was injured.

Early February York, AL-
Two Workers Assault Supervisor

Two workers were charged with assault for attacking a supervisor, Julius Watson. It is unknown what the altercation was about but Justin Michale Haire and Deon Derrick Jackson were arrested for pummeling their supervisor when the officers arrived. There were charged with the assault. The supervisor was admitted to the hospital to care for his injuries.

Early February- Baton Rouge, LA -
Ex-employee Fires at Former Co-worker

A worker entered his former workplace and fired a weapon at a former co-worker. Michael Ozerdem, 21, went to James T-Martin Janitorial Supply Company where the previous week he had an argument with the targeted worker. Ozerdem then walked off the job. The perpetrator later turned himself into the police. The victim’s injuries are not life threatening.

January Canada; Employment Worker Stabbed by Client

A client stabbed a worker at the Ministry of Human Resources of Victoria, Canada in mid-January. This tragedy underscores the increased stress and risk government workers face since the recent closure of 63 other employment offices across the province, cutting staff by over 35 percent.

1/26 Toledo Ohio Jeep Factory Worker Shoots 3 Supervisors; Kills Self

At a Toledo, OH Jeep plant, an employee shot three supervisors on January 26th. Myles Meyers, 54, walked in the plant about 8:45 pm with a double barreled shotgun and demanded to see his supervisors. He pointed the gun at a co-worker and ordered her to call the targets of his rage. He killed one supervisor and wounded two others before shooting himself in the head. He had recently been put on an in-house three day suspension for a minor infraction. However, the day before, he met with management and representatives from the union to discuss work quality issues. The meeting went reportedly well but Meyers did not show up on time for his next shift. He later appeared with the weapon, seeking out his supervisors. Once the police found his body, they needed to bring in a bomb squad after finding wires protruding from underneath his clothes. This was later discovered to be from a sling he fashioned to hide the 20-gauge under this jacket.

1/20 Marion, IN
GM Employee Stabs Another Over Workplace Dispute

In Marion, IN on January 20th, Gary Thomas stabbed George Dyer just before 1 a.m. in the General Motors plant. In an apparent an argument over workplace conditions that escalated into a stabbing. Reportedly, both of the men became agitated because their jobs were interfering with one another.

1/19 Canadian Mental Health Worker Fatally Stabbed by Client

In Vancouver, mental health steward, John David Bland, was fatally stabbed by a client in the Richmond Mental Health Office parking deck on January 19th. As Bland was leaving work, he was stabbed numerous times and was later found by co-workers. He was able to state the name of the offender, Roy Dalen, before he lost consciousness. Bland was a vocational therapist who helped people prepare for jobs with community organizations and private companies and had worked in the mental health field for more than 30 years. Tragically, he had only 2 more shifts before he was set to retire.

1/14 Toronto
Young Man Killed by Other Youth

In a truly tragic story, a young man, 18-year old Thanushan Jeyakumaran from Sri Lanka was abducted from a Toronto super-market where regularly worked double-shifts. At about 8:50 pm on January 14th, at least 3 assailants kidnapped him and took him to a near by park where they struck him repeatedly with sharp objects. He was left to bleed to death but was found about 20 minutes after the assault. However, he later died in the hospital. Several other young Sri Lankan Tamils were arrested for his murder in what the police believe was a gang hit. However, all associates and co-workers state that Jeyakumaran was not involve in any criminal activity and was known as a peacemaker. He worked constantly but sent 75% of his earning home to save for his parents to move to Canada.

This relates to the domestic violence threat to the workplace as it was an employee’s personal life or situation that led to the violence. Although it is unknown if the victim was aware of the danger, it is crucial for workers to feel comfortable in warning their employer about any concerns.

1/9 Alexandria, VA
Employee Stabs Co-workers and Clients at Retirement Home

On Sunday, January 9th in Alexandria, VA, a worker attacked six people in a retirement home, injuring residents, co-workers and visitors. He was reported to keep repeating, "She didn't respect me," as he went on his rampage. Mustafa Mohamed, 30, was a housekeeping employee and at first appearance did not seem to be likely candidate for workplace violence. He was not experiencing any negative employment actions taken against him and had no incidents of violence from his criminal background check. However, looking into the case a little more closely reveals that Mohamed had been accused of assault before when he worked at a CVS store in 2003. Reportedly, a co-worker laughed at him for tripping over some boxes and then was assaulted, however those charges were dropped. Because there was no conviction, the pre-employment background check did not reveal the incident. No one was killed but one of the victims, whose neck was broken, remained hospitalized and another resident required 200 stitches. A visitor was able to spray him with pepper-spray, survive a knife attack and then convince him to sit down. At this point, he was reported to keep mumbling the word -"Respect."

1/9 Kalamazoo, MI
Employee Plans Robbery of Bowling Alley

In a deadly combination of co-worker and stranger types of workplace violence, a clerk at Harpo's Lanes Bowling Alley in Kalamazoo, MI, was killed in a senseless robbery on January 9th. It was just before Noon when two men entered the facility wearing masks and carrying guns. They tied up three employees but then shot and killed 41-year-old Steven Kerr near the front counter. The gunman escaped but were later caught only to find a tragic twist to the story. An employee of the store, 17 year old Dominica Sims, was allegedly the one who devised the crime. The mother of 3-month old baby was working that morning and apparently knew where the business kept the deposits. She and a partner are held without bail while a third suspect is currently on the loose 

1/9 Bridgeport, CT
Supervisor Saves Employee from Assault

Again on January 9th, in Bridgeport, CT, there was an incident with no murders or injuries because a supervisor was able to prevent an employee from being attacked. Three teen-ager women went into a clothing store to threaten another teen-age cashier. The supervisor sent her into the back office and had to hold back the other young women from following. The assailants had been calling the store to see if the employee was working. One of them was previously an employee at the store but was fired after an altercation with the targeted worker.

1/2 Caribou ME; Coffee Shop Worker Kills Supervisor

On January 2nd, Christopher Shumway, 19, murdered his supervisor Erin Sperrey, 20, for allegedly rejecting his requests to go out with him. The two worked in a coffee shop in Caribou, ME and were alone when Shumway cornered Sperrey in the back room where he kicked and beat her mercilessly. He then reportedly went back on to the floor where he waited on several customers while she died from her injuries. Sperrey’s mother stated that her daughter was too polite to tell Shumway no but instead made up excuses about why she couldn’t go out with him. He later put Sperrey in her car but later abandoned the vehicle on the roadside. Although $1,200 was also missing from the shop, police do not believe that robbery was a motive. Shumway was later found in a Bangor hotel the next day.